Entertaining using your slow cooker makes cleanup a breeze…

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December 16, 2015 by

Leaving you free to relax after your guests are gone!

Many people refrain from entertaining with friends at home these days because it’s just so much work.  Cooking for all those people can be extremely time consuming, and the dishes to be washed afterwards makes it seem like more trouble than it’s worth.  Using a crock pot to do the cooking for you, however, can take a lot of the stress of entertaining away.

Think about it.  What if you could have your friends over for a relaxing dinner, and only spend half an hour in the kitchen prepping that morning?  You could be visiting with them over drinks instead of slaving over a hot stove.  Rival slow cookers offer a long list of time saving advantages, one of which is enabling you to spend more time with your dinner guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen.  And what’s even better is that, at the end of the night, there’s only the ceramic pot to wash.  No piles of dirty pots and pans for your dinner party!  You can kick your heels off and relax.

People all over the world are rediscovering the amazing benefits of cooking with crock pots.  They use very little electricity to operate, and are safe to leave on during the day.  Wouldn’t it be nice to invite friends over for dinner Friday night, and have it already cooked when you walk in the door?  All you’d have to do is pop the wine open and welcome them inside.  Effortless and simple entertaining.